General Data Protection Regulation (GRPR)

As the new General Data Protection Regulations come into force Talons 4 U  has updated its Privacy Policy. As we have always handled your information with the strictest of confidentiality nothing has changed and we will continue to guard your data quite literally under lock and key! The only change you will notice is you will be asked to sign our policy to ensure you have fully understood.


If you are not aware of these new regulations they are simply there to provide you with peace of mind and ultimate control over the information you provide and what is done with that information.


What information does Talons 4 U need from you?

Prior to any service we complete a client consultation card, this will ask for your name, contact details, age and any health conditions that we need to know about before carrying out a treatment.


Why does Talons 4 U need this information?

This information is required so we can carry out a service that is right for you and ensure the treatment is safe to carry out, we also need this for insurance purposes. Talons  4 U  will only carry out treatments to those aged over 18, some treatments are available for those that are younger with parent / guardian consent.


Where is this data stored?

Your information is stored in hard copy under lock and key


Is your information shared to anyone else?

No, we do not share your information with anybody.


Can  you keep a copy of Talons 4 U  privacy policy?

Of course! You can print a copy below or alternatively we can provide you with a copy once signed (this copy will include our full address).


If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.